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The See My Skin Image Database does not provide medical advice or diagnose a person’s health or skin conditions, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice, judgement, diagnosis or treatment. All images are property of and/or licensed by the Vaseline brand, VisualDx or HUED. Not for commercial use, copying or other use off of See My Skin.

Why See My Skin?

Systemic racism and healthcare inequities negatively impact people of color, leading to worse outcomes including misdiagnoses, untreated conditions and increased mortality rates for skin cancer.

Even on the internet, to see images of conditions on melanin-rich skin, searches need to be qualified with “on Black/Brown skin”. In an effort to eliminate the long-standing bias and exclusion of people of color in skin health, this platform was created so that people with Black and Brown skin could see themselves. Here, melanin-rich skin is the default, not an afterthought. With See My Skin, you can search, learn, and find a provider who can offer you the superior care your skin deserves.

Clarissa, Diagnosed with Vitiligo

1% of the whole entire world is affected with vitiligo, you'd think it would be easy to find other people online, but it wasn't”

Aissatou, Diagnosed with Eczema & Dermatitis

I found it hard to get solutions for dark skin women, in particular with skin conditions that looked like mine”

Elly, Diagnosed with Lupus

Being able to see the impact of these illnesses on skin of my color makes a world of difference because then I can actually make a connection to it”

Built by Experts

See My Skin is a result of a long-standing partnership between Vaseline and HUED with a shared goal to create a space that further meets the skin health needs for people of color. We want to be a resource for education and connections with skin care providers who specifically understand your cultural, physical and mental needs.

Together we’ve joined forces with VisualDx, a platform created by dermatologists, to help medical professionals diagnose patients of color.

We believe access to skin health shouldn’t be dependent on means, so we also support a network of health centers and clinics that provides affordable, comprehensive services through Direct Relief.

Everything here is independently reviewed by our dermatology review board.


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