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Vaseline® believes that all skin deserves to be celebrated and seen. But if everybody doesn’t have proper representation or access to health care, this can’t be achieved. Mended Murals was created to shed light on the importance of caring for skin of color and increase access to skin health resources.

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A dark-skinned woman visiting on her phone.

It’s our long-standing mission to make skin health care more equitable and accessible to all communities. By 2025, Vaseline® will enable 15 million people of color to access more equitable skin health care.1 Through Mended Murals, we’ve partnered with local artists to restore their murals and are supporting local charitable clinics that provide accessible health care.

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This database is specifically designed to search for skin conditions on skin of color and connect you with dermatologists who understand your specific needs.

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Supporting Local Clinics

As part of our commitment to drive skin health equity, we are donating a total of $250,000 to charitable clinics that offer accessible health care in each U.S. city where a mural is restored.

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A colorful mural of sunflowers overlaid on a dark blue-violet background with musical notes.
A dark-skinned Black man holding a palette and siting in a chair looking at the viewer.
A group of people visiting an outdoor area near a clinic.

Restore A Mural

Your neighborhood’s mural could be next. Submit a mural that’s important to your community, including a photo and brief description, for a chance to have it restored by the original artist. With every mural restored, we will provide funds to support a free health clinic in your city. Together, let’s take a stand for skin health.

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1By reaching over 20,000 healthcare providers with expert-created educational content, Vaseline will enable 15 million people of color to access more equitable skin care. Vaseline-sponsored educational content includes courses and webinars delivered by impact partners, such as Medscape and VisualDx. This content is designed to improve providers’ ability to diagnose and treat skin conditions in patients of color.

We're just getting started and will continue to improve the See My Skin platform over time. If you have feedback on any aspect of the site, we'd love to hear from you.

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